What Are My Pool Surface Options?

Pool Surface Options

Whether you have a new pool or you’re undertaking a pool remodel, the pool’s interior finish has the power to take the pool construction to a whole new level of elegance. This is why you need to make sure the finish you select for your pool remodels matches your pool’s design aesthetic, whether you’re undergoing pool construction of a new pool or upgrading your old one.

Marcite Pool Finish
Marcite, a material comprising white Portland cement, marble dust, and additives to enhance strength and water resistance, has been utilized for pool plastering globally for decades. Known for its affordability, marcite can last 5 to 7 years with proper water maintenance, and it can be tinted for aesthetic variety. However, its durability may be compromised with poor water chemistry, especially in regions with hard water, resulting in imperfections like streaking, fading, and erosion. Furthermore, maintaining balanced water chemistry is crucial for marcite’s longevity. For these reasons, more pool owners are transitioning toward exposed aggregate and pebble finishes. These alternatives offer enhanced durability, aesthetic versatility, and less susceptibility to water chemistry imbalance, making them preferred choices for new pools and remodeling.

Aggregate Pool Finishes
The most recent iteration of the plaster pool surface is the aggregate finish. This is a mix of granite, quartz, glass beads, or river stones with colored plaster. There have become the most popular finishes used on pool renovations today.

Polished Aggregate
These finishes are growing in popularity and appeal. They offer a luxurious surface that’s more stain- and chemical-resistant than plaster alone. They also provide a variety of lovely colors that can be specially blended to produce a unique look. This is achieved by using finely crushed colored stones. The exposed aggregate finish is polished after being manually applied with a trowel to the pool shell to bring out the stone’s luster and create a smooth surface. The finish has a decorative sheen, and the plaster’s lifespan is increased by 15 – 20 years thanks to the colored quartz or granite flecks.

Exposed Aggregate
These finishes have either glass beads or tiny river pebbles. Skilled artisans apply these by hand. To reveal the colored pebbles or glass beads underneath, the finish is power washed with water and muriatic acid after the application is complete. The plaster’s exposed aggregates allow for various textures and color schemes while also adding traction to the pool surface.

A pebble pool finish is an exceptional and durable surface treatment for pools, evoking the imagery of river beds with its refined, pebble-inspired aesthetic. Composed of a blend of exposed aggregate and pebble aggregate, this finish resists chipping, mottling, staining, and fading, providing a visually pleasing environment and ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional finishes.

Despite the slightly rough texture of some pebble blends, homeowners are increasingly attracted to their enduring beauty and the variety of available colors. These finishes can create a spectrum of stunning aesthetics reminiscent of natural landscapes, adding a touch of modern luxury to any swimming pool.

While the application process may be labor-intensive and costlier than marcite and exposed aggregate, the longevity of a pebble finish is worth the initial investment. With the potential to maintain its allure for approximately 10 to 15 years, a pebble pool finish ultimately offers an economically sound choice for those seeking a long-lasting, high-end solution for their pool surfaces.

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