Pool Heater Installation & Repair

When you want to make the most of your swimming pool all year, it’s essential to consider heating solutions. During the summer, heaters may not be needed for your pool in Tampa, but when the temperature drops, it is likely that you will feel the need for a pool heater.

Pool Heating Options
Options available from JJB Pools and Spas include gas and electric pool heaters. Each of these solutions comes with varying costs and features, and the team at JJB Pools and Spas can help you to identify the right option for you.

Here is a brief overview of the main pool heating options that are available for people in the Tampa Bay Area.

Gas heaters: A gas heater will generally heat your pool quicker and warmer than electric or solar heaters, making it a popular choice for people who like to enjoy a cozy and warm pool all year round.

Electric heaters: Electric pool heaters are an energy-efficient option and can save you money on your energy bills, especially if you use them with a solar pool cover or a pool blanket. Unlike gas heaters, electric pool heaters don’t emit harmful gases, making them an eco-friendly option for pool owners.

Ultimately, each option has pros and cons, and we would always encourage you to speak to our team to discuss your requirements.

Services and Repairs for Pool Heaters
As well as offering solutions to heat your pool, JJB Pools and Spas is available to help you with any repairs and services for your pool heaters. Whether you’re looking for a gas heater repair or replacements for your electric heaters, you can find local services and repairs and have the work carried out quickly.

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