Modern Makeover: Elevating Poolside Luxury in Just a Few Weeks

This pool remodeling project was completed within a few weeks, incorporating a range of upgrades and installations to boost its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Among the key elements of the renovation was the installation of a travertine deck, celebrated for its durability and the natural beauty of its stone. Additionally, new coping and tiles were installed, giving the pool a fresh and modern look. A sun shelf was also added, offering a shallow, relaxing area where swimmers can lounge and enjoy the water without fully submerging.

A new filter system was installed to enhance the pool’s operational features, ensuring the water remains clean and clear. Furthermore, a salt system was installed for its gentle effects on the skin and eyes. To increase the pool’s usability during cooler temperatures, a gas heater was installed to maintain comfortable water temperatures throughout the year. Finishing up the remodel, an LED pool light was installed, which not only provides energy-efficient lighting but also allows for the creation of various atmospheres with different colors.